The brand is what we make of it. The portal offers background information, building blocks and tools for dealing with the Siedle brand.

  • Made in Furtwangen

    Siedle develops and produces exclusively in Furtwangen in the Black Forest. A contribution to quality assurance, but also an expression of its responsibility for the location and its people.

  • Guardians of the threshold

    Siedle designs transitions. Between inside and outside, private and public, mobile and at home, security and accessibility, complex and simple, digital and material.

  • People at Siedle

    Product and design alone do not constitute a brand. What keeps it alive is employees, customers, loyal partners – in short: people. Our work and appreciation goes out to them.

  • Die Zukunft der Schwelle

    Learning from life

    In which direction are businesses developing and what is moving the world? As a sponsor in cooperation projects, Siedle maintains a dialogue with the fields of science, research and culture. This enables us to discover where the journey is heading – and what we can contribute.