Brand values


    Siedle is the premium brand in building communication. It is characterized by quality, design, individuality, utility, longevity and intrinsic value.


    The base on which everything else rests.
    Siedle provides reliable quality.


    Siedle design is committed to functionality, ergonomics and simple operation of complex systems. A reduced design language that concentrates on the essentials lends the products an optical longevity. The styling does not succumb to the influence of passing fads yet remains alert to long-term trends.


    Siedle products are characterized by great utility, high practical value and easy handling for the respective target groups.
    The function and operation of our products are based on the expectations of their users.
    If there is something the user does not need, we do not even offer it.
    What we do offer makes life easier and is simple and convenient to use.


    Siedle does not develop mayflies. Products and applications are capital goods, designed for long-term benefit and use. They are maintained, updated and, if necessary, repaired. In some cases even after decades.

    Intrinsic value

    Siedle products have solid value for money - even after many years. This is ensured by materials, design, construction and functionality. Siedle protects its customers’ investments through continuity. The true costs are not only reflected in the purchase price, but also after years of use.

  • Design guidelines

    1. Integrated work

    Siedle design is holistic and system-oriented. It forms a continuous communication chain from product design to corporate design.

  • 2. Design a piece of Siedle

    Siedle design is readily recognizable. It constitutes the independent and unmistakable face of the brand.

    3. Be genuine

    Siedle design does not feign quality, but expresses it firmly.

  • 4. Think before you leap

    Siedle design is responsible in nature. It conserves resources wherever it can.

    5. Make complex things simple

    Siedle design is committed to ergonomic and intuitive operation. It is self-explanatory and universally deployable.

  • 6. Love those details

    Siedle design is always precise and consistent down to the finest detail.

    7. Design globally

    Siedle is a cosmopolitan brand. It is characterized by an internationally functioning, comprehensible and coveted design.

  • 8. sign something that is there to stay

    A reduced design language and the right materials lend Siedle products timelessness and durability.

    9. Enable individuality

    Siedle design opens up possibilities and leaves the customer the freedom of choice.

  • 10. Bon courage

    Siedle design has a history that is continually updated.

    Good design does
    not feign quality, but
    expresses it firmly.

    System design

    System design extends beyond product design as such. It captures, shapes and designs the entire enterprise and leaves no aspect of brand presence to chance.

    System design is not an end in itself: its conceptual strengths are for the benefit of the users.
    System design ensures that every required function can be realized aesthetically cleanly within a uniform formal framework.

    System design is timeless: only new technology can lead to new forms. Mere product cosmetics are harmful because system products are long-lasting and their design must remain valid for just as long.

    Siedle has been producing in Furtwangen, in the middle of the Black Forest, since 1750.



    We put all our energy into the continuous improvement, refinement and renewal of door and building communication. Siedle grows with and within the system.

    We cannot do everything. But what we can do, we do properly.

    Competitive edge

    We know what we are doing - and what we have to do for the future. Each innovation benefits from an incomparable wealth of experience. Throughout the decades, Siedle has always been a pioneer, shaping the market and setting standards.


    Siedle as an enterprise has existed for over 260 years now. As a German pioneer of telephony and telegraphy, we have been dealing with communication technology since the end of the 19th century. Siedle was one of the inventors of the door intercom system. And we have been producing building communication systems for around 100 years.

  • Foundations


    Siedle is a family business in its seventh generation. It produces exclusively where it has been at home for more than 260 years: in Furtwangen in the Black Forest.

  • Future

    “At the moment we are changing the definition of the threshold itself. Today it is where you want it to be, for example on your mobile phone or office computer. Siedle will remain as innovative as ever.“

    Gabriele Siedle
    Chair of the Management Board


    Social responsibility

    The Siedle company assumes a high level of social responsibility for its employees, its location and its environment. It stands for job security, location security and social balance.


    Siedle is a medium-sized enterprise that retains its independence and autonomy. The company thus subordinates its growth targets to financial stability.

    Caring for the workforce

    “At Siedle, the profit is for the people. Not the other way around.“

    Horst Siedle
    Chairman of the Advisory Board
    Entrepreneur and Managing Director from 1970 to 2016