Illustrations play an important role in the technically oriented Siedle communication. Carefully drafted and selectively employed, they contribute to a consistent presence.

In keeping with the design principles, typical Siedle illustrations are reduced in their display. Relevant formal elements are only used to achieve understanding. Everything superficial is omitted.


Siedle illustrations represent a specific interaction of lines, surfaces and colours. The perspective of the Siedle drawings is selected in such a way as to enable optimum representation of the desired function or image statement.



    • Linear, technical representation (outline drawing))
    • Lines in black
    • Areas within the outline drawing in white or grey
    • Background area in white or grey
    • Drawing is presented as a stand-alone against a backdrop or is limited by a surface


      Possible perspectives

      • Side view
      • Front view
      • Top view
      • Cross-sectional view
      • Isometric projection
      • Parallel projection


      Technical communication includes packaging and technical documentation, product information and system manuals, operating instructions and catalogues. However, illustrations are also used in advertising communication, such as brochures, leaflets and online communication.

      Product presentation


        • Presentation of Siedle products, reduced to the essential formal elements
        • Front view (no perspective)


        • Packaging and technical documentation, e.g. product information and system manuals

        Function drawing


          • Products with presentation of function and/or handling
          • Front view or projection


          • Technical documentation, e.g. product information, system manuals, operating instructions and catalogues

          Dimensioned drawing


          • Product illustration with dimensions
          • Front view, side view, top view, cross-section


          • Catalogues and technical documentation, e.g. product information and system manuals

          System topology


            • Display of cross-links between Siedle products and other components, if applicable
            • Illustration of cross-links using a variety of lines
            • Front view


            • Catalogues and advertising communication, e.g. brochures, leaflets, Internet

            Circuit diagrams


            • Connection of Siedle systems, e.g. door station, power supply unit and indoor call stations
            • Product illustration from a front view
            • Terminals and wires are represented abstractly by lines and areas


            • Technical documentation, e.g. product information, system manuals

            External devices

            External devices without any surroundings are always shown as pure line drawings.

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