The proximity to architectural topics demands a high standard of photographic quality for Siedle. First-class photography and special imagery are essential supports for the independence of the brand.

Products – often in their architectural surroundings – shape the Siedle brand communication. The representation of people plays an essential role in internal and technical communication.

Image style

Typical Siedle photographic stylistic resources ensure uniform visualization of image content. The authoritative and reduced image style is classified into five categories: Composition, perspective, sharpness, light and colour.


Siedle photographs are reduced but carefully staged. The background becomes the platform for the products. It is calm and tends to be neutral. A materiality in the background that matches the product is possible, as is an environment with a restrained spatial effect.


    Siedle photographs have a central perspective. The perspective is chosen in such a way an angle of view is created to convey the optimum amount of information. The product can be displayed from the front, an angle or the side.


    Sharp edges and high-contrast images look precise and authoritative. The photography radiates calm and professional seriousness.


    The light is chosen in such a way that the product and, if applicable, its function are displayed to optimum effect and the best possible representation of the material characteristics is achieved. The main light source can be supported by brightening, partial illumination, the setting of light-catching contours edges, etc. Outdoor shots should have daylight quality.

    Colour and contrast

    The following are not typical of Siedle:

    • A busy image composition with many different elements
    • Distortions in perspective, bird’s-eye or worm’s-eye views
    • Motion blur, extremes contrasts between focused and blurred views
    • Brightly coloured light and exaggerated lighting effects
    • Unnatural, inexplicable reflections

    Siedle products are presented in their authentic colours. Background colours can support the effect, function and material character of the products. For reference, environmental and company photographs, attention is paid to natural, unadulterated colouring.


    The Siedle system design is largely neutral and supports diversity through use of the modular principle. The product photography does not show any dazzling “stars”, but individual modules, which together make up the big picture.

    Pictures of objects


      • The product is placed on a uniformly white, light grey, dark grey or black surface.
      • Product presentation with shadow cast to the lower right
      • High depth of field
      • No distortion of perspective

      Still Life


      • Calm, appropriate background
      • If applicable, background material to match the product
      • Environment with reduced, simulated spatial effect, if applicable
      • Slight use of perspective if applicable

      Products in the environment

      Siedle offers the perfect system for any architecture, right up to customized special designs. This always involves the entire entrance and the uniform styling of all functions.



      • Perfect product appearance in a realistic environment
      • Geometry, balance and planarity
      • No reference to the object by name
      • No people within the surroundings



      • Products in a real architectural environment
      • Recognizable interaction of architecture and product
      • Outstanding reference properties with their name
      • People in the surroundings only in exceptional cases

      People and products

      When people are shown in connection with Siedle products, it is usually a matter of explanatory communication. As a rule, these images are used for public relations work or for internal communication purposes.

      Product application


      • Focus of the images is on the function of the product
      • With people who actually operate the product
      • As a rule, images are used for public relations work


      Photos of employees in their working environment provide an insight into Siedle as a company and show that it is possible to manufacture competitive products in Germany if we adopt a creative approach and commitment in working towards this goal.



        • People in the real working environment
        • Photographs taken in industrial production at Siedle

        Company building

          From a foundry in a small yard in the Black to factory, from a supplier of the watch manufacturers to market leader for building communication: For 260 years now, Siedle has been producing exclusively where the company is at home – in Furtwangen in the Black Forest.