Siedle products owe their aesthetic durability to a reduced design language. A restriction to the essentials is fundamental to the brand of Siedle – form the smallest product detail to the trademark.
The Siedle logo is the primary distinguishing feature for both internal and external communication. “SSS” stands for Salomon Siedle & Söhne – a reference to the founders of the firm.. They are – as representatives of the company’s long tradition – a permanent constituent of the company name in the trademark.

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Components and versions


The trademark consists of the letters “SSS” and the lettering “Siedle”. It is only used in its original form. The combination and proportion of characters and lettering are not varied.

The Siedle logo is a protected trademark of S. Siedle & Söhne OHG and an essential component of the visual appearance.

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Style in the text

“SSS” only appears in the Siedle trademark. In normal text usage, “Siedle” is written out in full. Example: Siedle produces exclusively where the enterprise has been at home for more than 260 years: in Furtwangen in the Black Forest.

Colour versions


    Other colour versions of the trademark, such as silver, must be coordinated with the Communication Design department (Enable JavaScript to view protected content.).

    The trademark exists in a red (coloured), a black and a white version.

    The red version should be given preference in all applications, as long as the background and environment ensure a correct and aesthetically appealing presentation.

    Files for common colour systems are available for download.

    Colour values


    The Siedle trademark enjoys special protection as a central distinguishing feature and visual corporate identity bearer. A number of binding rules therefore apply to its use.


      When placing the logo, care must be taken to ensure that the backgrounds form a sufficient contrast to the respective colour version and are not too busy. The parameters specified for the protection zone must also be observed.

      The red version of the logo may only appear on a white or light-grey background. If the logo is to be placed on image material, the white version should be used, depending on the background.

      Colour values

      Protection zone

      The logo is surrounded by a protection zone to ensure optimum effectiveness. No other graphic elements or characters may be placed within this zone. The minimum distance to the nearest object is identical to the height of the logo. When placing on image material, the area within the protected zone should be as even as possible.


      The preferred position for the logo is “top right” on the first communication level.

      The alternative position is “bottom right”. In such cases, please contact the Communication Design Department (DE).

      If the preferred horizontal illustration is not possible, the logo can be rotated 90 degrees to the left (reading direction “upwards”).


      Sizes for standard formats

      The logo is used in different sizes, depending on the format. The sizes always refer to the width of the entire word mark (alphabetical characters + lettering).

      DIN Long: 39 mm
      DIN A5: 39 mm
      DIN A4: 43 mm, corresponds to the standard size (100%) of the logo files available for download
      DIN A3: 67 mm
      DIN A2: 90 mm
      DIN A1: 148 mm

      Sizes in digital applications

      Since the large number of display sizes and resolutions in digital applications means that specifications to the exact pixel are practically impossible, it is all the more important to ensure that the natural requirement of good recognition and legibility as well as the highest image quality should be observed.

      Minimum size

      The minimum width of the logo in analogue applications is 15 millimetres. Up to this size, the image quality can be guaranteed for all common production processes.

      Files for download

      The Siedle logo is available for download in various file formats. Please note the instructions for use attached to each package as a PDF file!

      To view PDFs, you may need additional software, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which is linked below.

      Please also note: The Siedle logo may only be adopted and used by persons and companies who are authorized to do so on the basis of contractual agreements.

      Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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