Writing is visible language. An important part of the Siedle image is that hat it has to meet the stylistic requirements in a wide range of media – magazines, catalogues, advertisements, Internet pages and user interfaces.

Optimum legibility in all font sizes with varying quantities of text and contrasting, expressive typography distinguish the fonts used at Siedle.


Siedle uses the “Frutiger LT Com” font, designed by Adrian Frutiger, as its corporate typeface. The font has a clear and plain character. Its calm, open typeface meets all expectations of a modern typeface.

In addition, some other fonts are used in special applications.

Corporate typeface

    Siedle uses “Frutiger LT Com” in all printed media and in the digital sector as far as (technically) possible, namely in the typefaces “45 Light” and “65 Bold”.

    Substitute font

      For technical reasons the “Frutiger LT Com” font cannot always be used. In electronic media, for example the main presence on the Internet and in e-mail messages, the font “Arial” in the “Regular” and “Bold” styles is used instead.

      This is very widespread due to the bundling with operating systems such as Windows or MacOS. Direct mixing of Frutiger LT Com and Arial should be avoided.

      Lettering holders

        The “Frutiger LT Com” font is used in “55 Roman” style for lettering holders for products from the Siedle Compact, Siedle Vario and Siedle Classic design lines (e.g. numeric keypad, call buttons, info module).

        Lettering holders of the Siedle Steel design line are marked with “Helvetica Neue LT Com” in the section “Condensed Medium 67”.

        Font design

        Text hierarchies


        As a rule, headings appear on a white or black background. They can also be placed on a light grey background. If the heading is placed on a photograph, care must be taken to ensure sufficient contrast with the background.

        • Frutiger LT Com 45 Light
        • Maximum two lines
        • Text colour black or white
        • In special cases, text colour red, but then mandatory on white background and with black trademark


        • Frutiger LT Com 65 Bold
        • No line or one blank line for running text
        • Left-justified
        • Maximum two lines
        • Text colour black or white

        Continuous text

        • Frutiger LT Com 45 Light
        • Left-justified
        • In special cases and only after consultation with UK/DE, left and right and last line left-justified; care must be taken to ensure attractive formatting.
        • Narrow column widths
        • Text sections with a blank line
        • Paragraphs within a text section with single line feed or with indent from left margin


        Accentuation/highlighting of individual words in the text can be done by the 65 Bold typestyle. The base text colour is retained. Highlighting should always be used sparingly, otherwise it will no longer have any effect. There is no provision for other accentuation options (for example, italics or underlining).


        Numbered and bullet lists should be left-justified and preferably have a narrow column width.

        Unsorted lists are preceded by dashes. There is usually a blank line between the text and the list.

        If the list is to be integrated optically into the text, the separator line and the indentation of the continuous lines can be omitted.

        On the other hand, if the list requires emphasis, the dash can be replaced by a full stop.

        Additional list levels should be avoided. If it is not possible to do so, then the first level must be indicated by a dash and the second by a bullet point. The additional indent of the second level matches the text indent of the first level.

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